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It’s been eight months since I’ve posted to this site. My goal in making Union and Grant was to write about things important to me. The lack of updates suggest I didn’t have anything to say, right??

I had plenty of things to say. A ton of things happened. So much so that writing got de-prioritized. Now that life is getting into a steady state, I want to pick it up again. Here’s a rundown of the last eight months:

We bought a lovely home in West Oakland last April. Much of my time has been doing things around the house. Things fall apart. Things crack. Things break. Things grow and need to be cut. There’s always something to do. Living in Dogtown has been eye-opening, considering it’s a “neighborhood in transition” (quote the listing agent). That means it’s being gentrified. We’ll talk about that a lot.

Let’s also talk more about Oakland crime. For one, it hit home. A week after we moved, someone tried to break in a neighbor’s home. It was a drunken attempt and they wandered off. But still. That’s scary.

Later, another broke into my neighbor’s cars.

During the Ferguson protests, a homeless couple stole some pottery from our porch. Why? Beats me.

On the lighter side, we adopted a dog. I’m sure Otis will sometimes seep into the conversation, but here’s a Facebook page I made for his shenanigans.

There’s more stuff I want to write about later. It’s just nice to be writing again.


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