Union and Grant is Jesse's personal website and only reflects his own personal opinions. What it does not reflect are the opinions of any organization that he is affiliated with. Nothing on this site is endorsed by them in any way.

Likewise, Union and Grant is not responsible for nor endorses any material it links to.

This blog contains articles that uses data to tell stories. Some of these articles will make recommendations. It's really important to understand that anything that's written on this site, even if it's backed by data, might be wrong. Maybe even completely wrong. The best we can promise is that, at the time of the writing of the article, we might be making a recommendation that's approximately right.

Jesse writes Union and Grant to further his understanding of data analysis, local issues, and writing. This includes changing the site and it's contents as he sees fit. In other words, he may take down or change an article, or the entire site if he wants to.