Lawrence M. Krass is frustrated with scientists who don't come down harder on religious beliefs.

In honor of the upcoming NFL season, and my team in particular, here's Drew Magary on why the Raiders suck.

Just a quick primer on the differences between Redshift and Hive. I used Hive when I was at Facebook and Redshift at Fitbit. We sometimes toy with the idea of adopting both for different purposes. Just something on my mind lately.

I've decided to begin Clifton Fadiman's Lifetime Reading Plan. There are a few of these kinds of lists that float around, most are steeped in the Western classics. This page doesn't include the latest edition's revisions that pull literature from other cultures (you need to buy the book for that). My wife wants us to start a reading club and focus on something more contemporary. Look, I don't want to be a member of any book club that doesn't include a 4,000 year old epic tale that was inscribed on stone tablets. Sorry.

The weekly roundup is a collection of some articles that I've read during the past week. They may or may not be topical. Just things I found interesting and want to share.


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