Hugh McGuire, who founded LibriVox and runs PressBooks, found he doesn't actually have time to read books anymore. So he makes time, and it has some interesting side effects.

Joyce E. Bono and Theresa M. Glomb have decided to stop ending the day thinking about every negative thing at their job, and made a list of the good things.

Gareth Cook wrote this article a while back about the mathematician Terry Tao. It was sitting in my queue for a while and finally had a chance to read it. A

Lawrence M. Krass is frustrated with scientists who don't come down harder on religious beliefs.

Rory Carroll writes about the ongoing "death spiral" that is Pacifica Radio. I usually listen to them while I drive and it's definitely been goofy lately. And by "goofy", I mean borderline un-listenable.

Eric Ravenscraft writes a brave piece on how he managed his anxiety disorder.

Finally, Conor Friedersdorf introduces his readers to "victimhood culture", a relatively new phenomenon characterized by socializing minor aggressions (as opposed to ignoring or negotiating witht he offenders). I'm not sure where I stand on this (or even if I agree that this exists). Finding labels for how a society deals with (maybe perceived?) transgressions can be useful for sociologists, but it's the amateur sociologist that annoys me when they use the label as a hammer. See "Narcissism" or "Millenial".

The weekly roundup is a collection of some articles that I've read during the past week. They may or may not be topical. Just things I found interesting and want to share.


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